Newsletter online

prophet DanielOur March 2014 parish newsletter is a mixture of articles, reports, notices, and a concise schedule of services for the next three months.* If you don’t receive this by post or email – or you’ve lost/deleted yours – read on! Take a look at the main menu at the top of the page and you will see we have added a new page: ‘Newsletter’. Here you can view the latest newsletter as a pdf or print it if you prefer.

*Occasionally the service schedule is changed, so it will pay to check the ‘Church Services’ page on this site or the Link sheet handed out each Sunday in church.


Science and spirit

mkuvhXzAmgiDS_4LuSIVTVQOn the marvellous (and advert-free) site, Maria Popova reviews a book about the spiritual inspiration that drives major, meaningful scientific discovery: From Galileo to Gell-Mann…

Popova’s fascinating—and beautifully illustrated—review is excellent reading. She writes:

“What profound element of the human condition could compel us again and again to seek to transcend our human confines and pierce the mystery of the universe?  Continue reading

Our new deacon

ImageWelcome Llewellyn!

Rev’d Llewellyn Smith is part of the clergy team caring for both the Amberley parish and the Woodend-Pegasus parish. Many people from both parishes were delighted to attend his ordination on Saturday 4th May, where he was made a Deacon.

Llewellyn and his family—wife Cheryl and two teenaged children— are from South Africa. They have other family members in New Zealand and have been settled here for some years.


Sharing clergy ministry


In April 2013, our Amberley Parish began sharing clergy with the Woodend-Pegasus parish just 15 minutes ‘down the road’.  Rev’d Lynnette Lightfoot (second from left) is  Priest in Charge of both parishes, assisted by priests Rev’d Jane Davison (far right) and Rev’d Ken Davy (far left). She is helped in addition by teams of deacons and lay people at both parishes. On 4 May, Llewelyn Smith (second from right) will be ordained as a Deacon, and will  join our parishes as a Curate in training for the priesthood. This is an exciting time for Amberley parish.

What is this site about?

The Anglican Parish of Amberley, incorporating St Pauls’ church in Leithfield, and Holy Innocents church in Amberley, is finally venturing into cyberspace. Information about our church services, meetings, and social events will be posted here, along with commentary designed to give readers a sense of our parish life and to help build community. It’s a start!