Children and families

Children are welcome at any Sunday 9.30am service. (Our 4.30pm family service is suspended for winter). In addition, we have a weekday community program specifically for children and family/caregivers – Mainly Music.

Mainly Music – every Thursday (term time), 10.00am

See Mainly Music at Holy Innocents Facebook page

Mainly Music is a wonderful bonding time for parents, caregivers and children. A 30-minute interactive music session is followed by morning tea and playtime while the grown-ups enjoy some home baked goodies and a cuppa – all for the princely sum of $4 per family!  What better way to spend a Thursday morning during term time?

Mainly Music is a time and place where you and your young child will find delight in shared experiences, be accepted for who you are, and grow educationally, socially and spiritually. So come along and check us out!

Mainly Music is held every Thursday (during term time) from 10.00am at the Holy Innocents Church Hall on Church Street, Amberley.

For more information call Rev. Stephanie Clay on (020) 4021-1553 or email:


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