Would we recognise him?

emmaus roadMeeting with the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus is the theme at our All Age Morning Worship service this Sunday (4th May, 9.30am at Holy Innocents’, Amberley).
Get in touch with worship leader Liz Dickson if your children / grandchildren would like to help in the telling of this wonderful story – through reading or acting. If you don’t know Liz, use the Contact Us page on this site.

See you there!


Making things (for Lent)

There is something wonderful about making things. Despite our best efforts to slow down and prepare, the weeks of Lent may be flying by for some of us. We feel that we are not getting ready to receive the mystery of Easter and the blessings of that holy season. The world refuses to slow down – and we find it hard to opt out of the seemingly compulsory busy-ness of it all.

Easter garden

Easter garden & tomb

Well, here’s an idea for the remainder of Lent. Make something!   Continue reading

Harvest Thanksgiving

punpkin HarvestWe are having ‘a week off’ Lent!  Why? Because this is the Southern Hemisphere of course…

It’s autumn in this part of the world and so – unlike our Christian cousins in the northern parts of the globe – this Sunday we will celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving (Holy Innocents Church, Amberley, 9.30am.)  This festival is very close to our hearts here in North Canterbury, and our church will be decorated and filled with all kinds of edible abundance.

All food will be forwarded to the Amberley Food Bank. Fresh, semi-perishable and non-perishable food items are all acceptable. We will also be reflecting on other harvests in our lives for which we can say ‘Thanks.’

Newsletter online

prophet DanielOur March 2014 parish newsletter is a mixture of articles, reports, notices, and a concise schedule of services for the next three months.* If you don’t receive this by post or email – or you’ve lost/deleted yours – read on! Take a look at the main menu at the top of the page and you will see we have added a new page: ‘Newsletter’. Here you can view the latest newsletter as a pdf or print it if you prefer.

*Occasionally the service schedule is changed, so it will pay to check the ‘Church Services’ page on this site or the Link sheet handed out each Sunday in church.

Messy Church on Sunday

Dave the Donkey image

Jesus rides in on Dave the Donkey

This Sunday (30/3), as well as a morning service hosted by St Barnabas, Woodend (click here for more about that), Amberley parish will also gather for Messy Church in the afternoon. Everyone is welcome – you don’t need to be a regular at our church or any other church.

This fun, hands-on church for children and adults is held in our Hall at 7 Church Street, Amberley. Doors open at 4.15pm; we start at 4.30 and end with a shared supper at about 5.30pm. Our theme this time is The First Easter.

Just what is Messy Church and what do we do? Click here to find out more.


Bless the pets


We begin the Great Thanksgiving, 9 March 2014

Below are a few photos of last Sunday’s Pet Blessing service, which was also the 1st Sunday in Lent — Revd Llewellyn did well to combine these two themes in his short, child-friendly sermon!  Parishioners and visitors brought their much-loved pets to be blessed during an outdoor Eucharist on the lawn at Holy Innocents. Continue reading

Bring your pet to church

pet day postcard jpgTell your family, friends and neighbours: on March 9, at 9.30am at Holy Innocents church, we will hold a  service to celebrate, give thanks for and bless the special animals (and teddies…) that add such richness to our lives.

Cats will feel safer in cages; dogs, pet lambs, etc., should be on leads. As for teddies and other cuddly toys – that depends on how well behaved they are; they can probably sit on your lap!

For further information, contact the parish office – 314 8131.

Seven habits… #2

7habitsFollowers will know that this blog is following a series of articles by Rev. Bosco Peters on liturgy.co.nz. The latest one, ‘Habit 2 – Be Welcoming,’ is most timely. On 15 February [update: now 22nd], our Welcomers, Readers, Intercessors, & Worship Leaders will attend a workshop to refresh our skills in being welcoming, and in making our readings, prayers and liturgical patterns audible and meaningful to all.

Click on the link to read:  Habit 2 – Be welcoming.

Christmas Eve Children’s Service

Ch Eve 2

The Wise ‘Men’ see a star.

Many local families turned out to see the Nativity play at our popular 5pm Christmas Eve Children’s Service. A similar number (but a rather different demographic) attended Midnight Mass at 11.15pm.

This year’s Nativity Play, written and directed by Liz Dickson, featured not only Wise Men and the Holy Family, but Mediterranean pirates too. Continue reading

Messy Church – Spring & Advent

A ‘Spring Miracles’ theme at Messy Church in September saw children potting up plants, making crafts and leading a little lamb. Some new families attended and it was a busy and buzzing time.

On 24th November, we sneaked in a slightly early Advent theme, sang Christmas songs, acted out a short play, decorated candle-holders and made Christmas cards.


It is thrilling to see new families coming along.

We enjoy continued support from many parishioners who volunteer to come and help on the day; Continue reading