Messy Church is back!

From the Messy Church noticeboard February 2015

Messy Church is a fresh expression of what church is and can be. It’s open to the whole community, not only regular church-goers and Anglicans, and it’s not on a Sunday morning. PLEASE NOTE: it’s also not a requirement to be accompanied by children. So, adults and children, come and join us in Amberley — and bring a friend or neighbour.

Basil the Branch

The next Messy Church event will be on Sunday 22nd February, from 4.15pm, in the hall next to Holy Innocents Church in Amberley.

This month our theme is The Story of the Grapevine.  In our stories and readings, prayers, songs, cooking and crafts we explore how our lives can be fruitful and rewarding by staying close to Jesus, just as branches bear fruit because they are attached to the grapevine. This Biblical theme is introduced through the wonderful character of Basil the Branch and reinforced through our craft and cooking activities.

In addition, to help grow in the understanding of our Christian faith and traditions, we introduce the first part of a two-part theme looking at the Last Supper and the bread and the wine of Holy Communion (or The Lord’s Supper).

Looking ahead: On March 29th, we will continue the bread and wine theme by baking our own bread, making our own grape juice, and taking part together in a special Holy Communion service for everyone, young and old.

Note: for a relaxed start to Messy Church, tea/coffee for adults and craft activities for children will be available from 4.15pm, so feel free to arrive between 4.15 and 4.30.

The more structured time of stories and celebrations will begin soon after 4.30pm. We end with a relaxed, shared supper (please bring a small plate of finger-food to share), finishing about 6pm.

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