Seven Habits… #1

7habitsA new series of articles by Rev. Bosco Peters on his site is well worth a look. Here is the first article— about our focus on God—and there is much for us to reflect on.  Happy reading (and commenting). Click on the link: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Churches 1.

2 thoughts on “Seven Habits… #1

  1. I liked this bit from The Liturgy pdf.

    The presider is the conductor – selecting, organising, coordinating,
    and making sure that all flows.

    But, the congregation is not the audience. The congregation, the gathered
    community, is the orchestra.

    I think this is a cool focus.

    • Hi Liz, I love this quote. Rev. Bosco Peters is full of insight on this subject and many others. For other readers’ benefit, Liz is quoting from a pdf of Bosco’s talk, ‘Some Thoughts on Liturgy,’ found on his blogsite You can also watch a video of this talk – but it is 44 minutes long.

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