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Two churches — one parish

Joy church window

Holy Innocents’ Church in Amberley and St Paul’s Church in Leithfield belong in the Anglican Parish of Amberley. Congregations are drawn from nearby beach settlements and rural areas as well as Amberley township and Leithfield village.

It’s our privilege to share in the lives of individuals and families, both in times of celebration and sorrow. We offer friendship and a supportive and caring community as well as the sacraments of the church to all who need them. We look forward to meeting visitors or newcomers to our community.

Our Vicar, Rev. Stephanie Clay, is moving on in July 2021 to become Chaplain at St Margaret’s College, Christchurch. From August 2021, Reverend Canon Mandy Neil will be our interim Priest-in-Charge and will minister in the Parish until a new Vicar can be appointed.

Contact us

To contact Reverend Mandy about weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other matters where you would like to speak with a minister, please phone Mandy on (03) 329-2006 or email her on myschoolhousenz@gmail.com

Regarding hire of the parish hall, see below for contact details. Other enquiries can be directed to the Parish Administrator Mrs Ann Loffhagen, phone (03) 314-8082.


Are you thinking about getting married in one of our parish churches? Click here to find out more.

Church services

We hold worship services in two beautiful, historic buildings. For a schedule of the current month’s services, see ‘Church Services’ on the main menu above.

Holy Innocents Church 003 (2)
Holy Innocents’
 Church (shown here at left) is on Church Street in Amberley. It is in a quiet location surrounded by mature trees and lawns.

Services are held here every Sunday at 9.30am. On the 4th Sunday of the month, a short reflection accompanied by music takes place here and the main service on that day is at St Paul’s in Leithfield at 9.30am.

parish hall

A well-heated hall next to Holy Innocents’ can be hired for part or whole days, including the fully-equipped kitchen. To enquire, phone Patricia on (03) 314-9338 or email ej.pdgardner@kinect.co.nz.

St Pauls

St Paul’s Church is on the corner of Brighton Street & Leithfield Road in Leithfield. Holy Communion is celebrated in this lovely old church on the 4th Sunday of each month, at 9.30am.

More church photos are below.


HI door & blossom

HI belltowerHI spire in spring

Comm.Table setThe Font, HI

St Paul's

St Paul’s, Leithfield

St Pauls & blossom

St Pauls blossom

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