Science and spirit

mkuvhXzAmgiDS_4LuSIVTVQOn the marvellous (and advert-free) site, Maria Popova reviews a book about the spiritual inspiration that drives major, meaningful scientific discovery: From Galileo to Gell-Mann…

Popova’s fascinating—and beautifully illustrated—review is excellent reading. She writes:

“What profound element of the human condition could compel us again and again to seek to transcend our human confines and pierce the mystery of the universe?  Continue reading

Seven Habits… #1

7habitsA new series of articles by Rev. Bosco Peters on his site is well worth a look. Here is the first article— about our focus on God—and there is much for us to reflect on.  Happy reading (and commenting). Click on the link: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Churches 1.