Winter 2014 newsletter

flame and doveThe parish quarterly newsletter for Winter 2014 is out now. Those who usually find this in their letterboxes should get theirs during the week (once it stops pouring with rain and we can get out to deliver them!). Let our parish administrator, Patricia Gardner, know if you are not on the mailing list and would like to be, or if you would like to receive an email copy in future. Her email address is

Click on the link below to load a pdf version.  Happy Pentecost!

WHAM June’14 screen version


A resurrection of sorts

st lukes, 25 February 2011Featured in the Press newspaper’s Go arts magazine today (17/4/14) is Jeremy Thomas, a Christchurch demolition yard manager who has taken wood from the city’s earthquake-condemned church buildings and made crosses out of them.

He tells Press reporter Vicki Anderson that the idea of making crosses came naturally to him as he viewed the destruction and loss of life caused by the Canterbury earthquakes, especially the quake on the 22nd February 2011. For him, the cross ‘always means salvation’. Continue reading

Making things (for Lent)

There is something wonderful about making things. Despite our best efforts to slow down and prepare, the weeks of Lent may be flying by for some of us. We feel that we are not getting ready to receive the mystery of Easter and the blessings of that holy season. The world refuses to slow down – and we find it hard to opt out of the seemingly compulsory busy-ness of it all.

Easter garden

Easter garden & tomb

Well, here’s an idea for the remainder of Lent. Make something!   Continue reading

Harvest Thanksgiving

punpkin HarvestWe are having ‘a week off’ Lent!  Why? Because this is the Southern Hemisphere of course…

It’s autumn in this part of the world and so – unlike our Christian cousins in the northern parts of the globe – this Sunday we will celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving (Holy Innocents Church, Amberley, 9.30am.)  This festival is very close to our hearts here in North Canterbury, and our church will be decorated and filled with all kinds of edible abundance.

All food will be forwarded to the Amberley Food Bank. Fresh, semi-perishable and non-perishable food items are all acceptable. We will also be reflecting on other harvests in our lives for which we can say ‘Thanks.’

Just a little ‘commute’

Sunday 30th March is a 5th Sunday of the month, when our custom is to worship with our friends from the Anglican Parish of Woodend-Pegasus. This time they will host us at their lovely church in Woodend:


St Barnabas, 9.30am
150 Main Road, Woodend
Drive in the gate; parking at rear

* Remember those from our own parish
who need transport.
* Small plate of food for morning tea is good –
but not essential.
* Visitors & newcomers

1 Samuel 16:1-13; Psalm 23; Ephesians 5:8-14; John 9:1-41

Bless the pets


We begin the Great Thanksgiving, 9 March 2014

Below are a few photos of last Sunday’s Pet Blessing service, which was also the 1st Sunday in Lent — Revd Llewellyn did well to combine these two themes in his short, child-friendly sermon!  Parishioners and visitors brought their much-loved pets to be blessed during an outdoor Eucharist on the lawn at Holy Innocents. Continue reading

Habit # 4: Quality Music

7habitsHere is #4 in the series by Rev’d Bosco Peters, from his site  So far he has advocated these habits: Focus on God; Be Welcoming; and Help Others. In this latest, Bosco looks at the role of music in the life of the church, and I don’t mean just the singing of hymns. When was the last time we sang any of our liturgy in the Amberley parish, or chanted a psalm? Click here to read more.